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“Aloha! We are Hawaii Characters Inc.

We can make your graphic media: Logos, Poster, Flyer, T-shirts, Shop Cards, Websites and so on! 日本語でもOK!!”

About Us

We are Graphic Designers and Web Developers


Analyze your business

We will learn about your business type and then investigate the market size and competitors for your branding. Our goal is to find all the elements needed to establish your brand.


Clarify your brand

In order to succeed in business, it is important to stand out from competiotrs. Branding is to clarify your 5W5H: Why, What, When, Where, Who, How, How much, How many, How long, How in future. The 5W5H will provide necessary information to develop your design.


Make your graphics

Once we have clarified the brand concept, we will create a graphic design based on that notion. We will determine your typography, color, brightness, chroma, shape, space, ambience and so on. Graphics such as posters, flyers, business cards are important media for communicating your brand to customers.


Make your website

Having a website is a major business tool for raising your revenue. Web design is critical to increase the conversion of inquiries and subscription. We can analyze your website and adjust it to your needs. The websites we make are responsive web designs. Your customer will be able to view it on mobile phone, tablet, desktop PC or any other devices.

Price List

Our service prices

Logo design fee over $600
Business card design fee
(Printing and shipping by Vistaprint)
over $600
Flyer / Poster / Banner design fee
(Printing and shipping by Vistaprint)
over $1,000
One page website / Landing Page over $3,000
Corporate website over $5,000
eCommerce website over $10,000
Expert management plan

  • Making a new banner for your advertisement
  • Making a new page in your website (only one page)
  • Maintenance of your web server, email server, domain server, etc
  • SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • Web marketing
  • SNS marketing (Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Google+, etc)
  • Big data analytics
$1000 / month
Other IT support (Spot Job)

  • Computer (Hardware / Software)
  • OS (Windows / Mac)
  • Network (Wiring / Router / Switch / IP setting)
  • Internet service
  • Server (UNIX / LINUX / Windows Server / CentOS)
  • Printer / Fax
  • Microsoft Office (Word / Excel with macro / Powerpoint)
  • Adobe (Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / Dreamweaver / Flash / Fireworks etc)
  • Other technical troubleshooting
$100 / hour

[note] The prices depend on your requirements or specifications.

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